Cha Ching! Let's get holiday shopping real here! Some of you have no trouble whatsoever shopping for your family and friends but for some of you, it's just plain tough! I'm going to make it easier for you today by sharing with you some great gift ideas and things that I've actually bought people and that they actually loved, LOL! 

First of all, show me the money! Yep, all preteens and teenagers truly want is the cash! However, there is no way I am just handing over the dough or throwing it in a stocking, it must be presented in a fun, cute, surprising effect way!
 Last year I showed you my Candy and Money Jars that we had given the boys and our niece and nephew the year before. For their Christmas money gift last year I included chocolate and man, was this ever a huge hit! Let me explain, with two being in college, we wanted to Up the ante a bit so at Walmart, I bought these 2 tiered tin boxes of candy from Whitman's. The tins were to celebrate the 175 years of the chocolate, so Yep you guessed it; each boy was getting $175. Wow, I know! What I did was, I lifted up the the top tier of chocolate so that's all they thought they would get. I folded up the money, took the bottom tier chocolates out and put the mula in the  chocolate holders in the bottom. I was so excited to see the looks on their faces when they opened them because they truly thought it was just a box of chocolates!

OK, here are some wonderful and fun gifts you can buy the people you love and I bet you'll see a big smile on their faces. Of course you've got to get the Chalet Socks I posted Friday! 
These are not just random gifts I linked up but actual stuff I have given and received! 

Personalized Peanut Butter Spoon
I got one of the for one son a few years ago and it was such a huge hit, I went back to Etsy and got more. Pretty cool to have your own spoon to dig into the jar with and I like to give an actual jar of PB with it as well. 

Here is another fun way to give money...a maze. We have done this for all the boys and our nephew. So fun!

On yeah, these are da "bomb!" Right up here with Lush but not as expensive! Such pretty packaging, cool names and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated they smell AMAZING!!!

How fun is this!! Yep, put these in the boy's stockings one year and they thought it was so cool to eat Astronaut food!! Love these pouches! 

NUTS! Gotta have a fun bowl for nuts! Especially at Holiday gatherings! I love rodents, not in my house of course, but a squirrel nut bowl...YES!!! 

Ok, ok, this is a gift for me. But I love balls, pom poms, whatever you what to call them. And these blankets are the SOFTEST evah!!! Comes in Ivory too! 

Yeah, not gonna lie, I have this hat too. See it HERE. It's under $10 and the perfect amount of slouch with the cutest buttons! Lots of pretty colors!! 

There is a reason these are a best seller and under $10 is so good for a stocking too. My husband and sons all have these and love them. They use them for everything and I have been known to put my hands in a pair to carry something heavy or tote around dirt, lol! 


Mr. Nine got me an I LOVE YOU Morse Code necklace last year and I love it. You can get all kinds of different sentiments and a very quality product. Such a sweet and unusual gift idea. Morse code is cool! 

There you have it , 
"Nine" (of course) awesome gift ideas in addition to a cool way to give mula. 
Happy Shopping!!



Can you really truly believe Thanksgiving is next week? Wowzer, but I am ready for some of mom's turkey and delicious fixings! Today (and last evening) I am conducting a big in-house moving sale. I staged it like a boutique and even have food and mulled cider. Wish you could all come. Eek it's getting close, in less than a month, we should be moving!! Wishing you a bountiful weekend as the Holiday prep begins. May it be joyous, relaxing and lots of fun!!

1. Family
Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about! Monday, I shared with you the trip Mom and I took for her birthday. I'm super excited to report that one college boy comes home today and the other on Sunday. Going to try to get a family photo for cards while they're home and indulge in lots of food and laughter! Here is what our 3 sons have been up to:

This guy, who comes home today, participated the Indiana University Dance-a-Thon for Riley Children's Hospital. He danced all night Saturday and raised more than $500. 

This guy, who comes home Suday, is not studying to be a Priest, but he dressed up as one at a Purdue Party. 

The youngest finally got to play the last two football games of the season, here he is with his buddies on the night of a BIG 'W" and 19 degree wind chill. #coldestgameever 

Mr. Nine got these for me last Christmas and I was so excited to find them while digging through Holiday stuff. SOOOO Cozy and one of my favorite gifts. Get em' for the snuggly ladies in your life!
Don't my feet look cozy!!

From Amazon HERE and from Zappos HERE

AND They are packaged so cute too!

3. Week's Attire
The Loft top and pants

Nordstrom Chelsea28 top, 

Boutique Cardigan, The Loft Scarf and necklace, Macy's pants

4. Flannel
I don't like too heavy of a flannel but this lightweight one with the rust and navy colors was perfect to tie in front and shoe off my zippered jeans from Kohl's. 

More inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Lots of fun stuff and great gift ideas.

I got the satin gold table from Target to go by by couch in my office at the new house. Under $75 and soooo nice.


I love to give food as gifts, and Harry and David are some of the best, in taste, quality and presentation. The classic pears, apples and cheese is so pretty.

I got a bunch of these from Target, the new Project 62 stuff. I got 2 for my office and 3 for the living room. They make a great cozy, accent pillow. At Christmas  I'll have them with red and grey and after with slate blue and grey. I got the sating gold table from Target to go by by couch in my office at teh new house. Under $75 and soooo nice

Have a cozy and sweet weekend my loves!

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I have been dreaming of throwing together an outfit like this for a long time and I am so excited how this came together. The tie velvet touches on the sweater sleeves are what sealed the deal for me. 

This sweater is so cozy and I knew when I saw it I'd want to pair it with the coveted Brixton Baker Boy Hat and my Coconuts Over The Knee Boots. I think the sweater would look great with jeans too. 
There was no doubt the necklace had to be a choker

Sweater HERE // Hat HERE // Boots HERE
Choker Necklace HERE

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